Your Basic Guide To Start With Video Marketing!

  • by Andrew Louie
  • 2 Years ago
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Engaging the audience is one of the primary goals of your marketing campaign, and video marketing can help in achieving that. Most entrepreneurs and small website owners consider video marketing to be an expensive strategy, which isn’t the case. A number of customers like to see quality video content, and if done right, you can generate leads and improve the exposure of your brand. Also, video marketing is scalable, so you can always understand if it’s actually working for your website. In this post, we have some of the basic things that you must know before getting started.

Hire an agency

Producing videos can be expensive, especially if you are unsure of the economics. A better idea is to hire a company that specializes in online marketing and can produce videos within a specific budget. Most agencies have readymade plans that can be customized to match your marketing plan. To hire the right service, check their work and past experience. You might also want to check the standard and type of videos they have created so far. Video marketing thrives on ideas, and a company must have enough concepts for your brand.

Creating a campaign

Back in the past, customers would watch anything that played on the TV. Thanks to online video content, the whole process of marketing has changed. Today, you don’t design your content around the TV audience. It’s important to make videos that make an impact, without being overtly promotional. Here are the best five tips!

  • Share a story, not an advertisement. If you create videos that promote your brand, you will see a quick drop in the retention rate. Try to find topics and stories that are trending at the moment, which can be anything from a relevant national issue to something as important as feminism.
  • Keep it short. No one wants to watch a 30-minute video anymore. Most of promotional contents these days are short and punchy. You can expect a customer to watch the content as he travels in the train or taking a break at work.
  • Use the right platforms. As mention, video content promotion is not limited to TV anymore. You have to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and third party sites. The outreach of your videos should be as extensive as possible.

  • Conduct surveys. You need to understand the kind of videos that people want to see. When you hire a video-SEO-service, ask them to conduct regular surveys, which will help in identifying trends.
  • Finally, be regular. If people are interested in your content and videos, they would want to see more. It’s important to be regular with your video strategy. You can talk to the concerned service to know their inputs, and based on mutual inputs, you can create a timeline for creating and posting videos on different channels and platforms.

Video marketing can be insanely effective for garnering attention and leads. You just need to plan the budget, besides hiring a competent marketing team for the job.

Author Bio – Alan is an online marketer and web developer. He is currently running a digital marketing agency in Singapore. He has 9 years of traditional media experience and 8 years of digital marketing experience.

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