Thinking Of Buying iPhone X? Check These Essential Facts!

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The world knows by now – iPhone X is the most ‘expensive’ flagship smartphone in the market today, but is it worth the hype? There’s no denying that the iPhone X opens a series of ‘firsts’ for Apple, and only expects more in years to come, as the brand tries to reinvent the flagship range. If you have been thinking of buying iPhone X, here are some of the facts worth knowing!


Apple iPhone X is priced at $999 for the base variant of 64 GB. It also comes in a 256GB variant, which is priced at $1149. Keeping other costs in mind, iPhone X price in India is Rs. 89,000 for the base variant. You need to pay a staggering amount of Rs. 1,02,000 for the 256GB one. Some websites do have smaller deals, so expect a small price cut, at least on the base variant.


iPhone X comes with an OLED display (first ever for an iPhone), which measures 5.8 diagonally. Expect the sharpest and vibrant colors with this device. Also, the screen of the device covers the entire front surface. Yes, there’s no home button on iPhone X. A swipe from the bottom of the screen will take you ‘Home’. There’s a small sliver on the top, which contains the front facing camera and all the essential sensors. The OLED screen is more power-efficient, and Apple has already confirmed that the new device will have an increased battery life of two hours than iPhone 7. Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have no such upgrades.


Apple has also introduced Face ID for iPhone X, getting away with Touch ID. Okay, let’s be fair here – Many critics have pointed out that the Face ID might not be the best choice as far as usage is concerned. Also, the tech doesn’t work if the eyes of the user are closed. However, Apple claims that Face ID is the biometrics system ever. It will adapt to the face changes of the user, and it works even when the phone owner is using glasses. Apple iPhone 8 doesn’t have this feature!

Get animojis

We all love our emojis. After all, emojis make conversations more fun and happening. Apple has introduced animojis with iPhone X. Expect more when you chat!


Finally, let’s talk about performance. iPhone X, along with the other two flagship phones launched in 2017, feature Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip, which is faster than A10 Fusion available on iPhone 7.

Final verdict

If you are a tech geek, you don’t need to think much before buying iPhone X. If the price point seems a tad higher than expected, iPhone 8 should still suffice your needs.

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