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  • Planning To Launch an Ecommerce Portal? Find More On Spree Commerce And Magento!

Planning To Launch an Ecommerce Portal? Find More On Spree Commerce And Magento!

  • by Andrew Louie
  • 1 year ago
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Everyone is shopping for everything online. It is easy to understand why ecommerce websites are being launched left, right and center. If you are planning to launch your own online business for selling products, selecting the right platform is more than important. Two obvious choices are Spree Commerce and Magento – both being very popular. In terms of functionality, Spree Commerce and Magento are quite same, but the features can be quite different. Below, we have discussed both platforms in detail.

Understanding Spree Commerce

For the uninitiated, Spreecommerce is open-source cart, with comes with tools and available features that help in developing online stores. If you are looking for cost-effective solutions for your online store, Spree Commerce is a good choice for varied reasons. Firstly, it is flexible and allows developers to create responsive websites with incredible customization options. Secondly, the platform boasts of good modular architecture and product configuration. The comprehensive API and an active open source community makes it easy to develop projects. Also, it is possible to get additional help for training and support. As far as pricing is concerned, Spree Commerce is quite transparent. You will have to pay for the design, hosting and security, but the platform is actually free.

Understanding Magento

Magento is another open source platform, which uses PHP, but what makes it more complicated is the millions of lines of code. There are three aspects to know – Enterprise Cloud Edition, Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. Features make Magento different in more ways than one. From simple things like managing customer accounts and product browsing to order management and analytics, Magento offers support for everything. Site management is also easier than ever, and you get considerable number of marketing and promotional tools.

Selecting a company

No matter whether you are choosing Spree Commerce or Magento, take your time to select the right firm for the development work. Talk about both platforms and discuss your project to understand what may work best for your business. Both Spree Commerce and Magento are transparent platforms, so knowing the cost of development in advance is not hard. Get an estimate, and consider the expertise and experience of the concerned company before taking a call. Do consider the kind of support they offer and the nature and range of projects they have completed so far.

Check online right now to find more on Spree Commerce and Magento development.

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