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  • Discuss These Things Before Hiring A SEO Company For Local Businesses!

Discuss These Things Before Hiring A SEO Company For Local Businesses!

  • by Andrew Louie
  • 2 Years ago
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Promoting a local business online can be tricky. You need a SEO agency that can understand the needs of your website to offer a custom plan, which also should fit your budget. While there are many SEO services around, below are some of the things worth discussing.

Their expertise

Local SEO is different and requires a different set of techniques and strategies. When you talk to SEO agencies, try to find more about their expertise. Do they just deal in SEO or can also manage things like social media marketing and email marketing? Keep in mind that the channels for promoting your website are diverse, and you need to use as many platforms as possible.

Their approach

Local businesses need more attention, because the targeted segment of customers is quite small.  Right from using local directories to content marketing, the options are many. The SEO agency should be able to explain their approach for the job. They should clearly outline the dos and don’ts of their promotional plan. If you don’t want to lose your website’s value, avoid all black-hat techniques and shortcuts.

Their price

SEO is an ongoing process, and therefore, you need to allot a monthly budget for the same. Don’t work with agencies that have a fixed charge for every project. At the end of the day, every website is different, and so are the SEO requirements. A professional company will check the needs of your brand and website, and accordingly, they will send a quote with a list of inclusions. If the same company manages paid marketing too, you can expect to get a discounted price.

Their clientele

Known SEO agencies never shy away from showing their work and previous projects. If the company claims to be great at local SEO, they will have enough local clients. Make sure to ask for a few references, so that you can know the experience of their clients. You can also check the range of projects they have done so far. A company that has managed both small and large projects should be your ideal choice. You may also want to learn a few things from case studies too.

Their website

Talk to the SEO Company about their own website. If they have not done a great job for their portal, they won’t be able to achieve much for your brand either. Check the traffic, ranking and positioning of their website and ask them if they have taken extra steps to attract and expand their customer base.

Finally, make sure that the company offers regular reports for their SEO package. As a customer, you won’t have the time to overview the work done by them, and hence, SEO reports come handy. You can track the growth of your website. Also, don’t hire a service on a contract right away. Try them for a few months before offering a yearly contract. SEO requires time, so steer clear of agencies that claim to change the fate of your website in a week.

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